How to Calculate Casino Blackjack Card Value

Want to win at the black jack game? Yes, maybe anyone can win the game, but to be a winner, you must first understand how to play in the game, instead of playing with the belief that winning is very clearly a big mistake, so initially you want to increase your income, it can even be a big loss.

This game is very popular among the public because it is so popular that many have tried to play in the gambling game as well as games in general playing black jack is arguably quite easy as long as you understand how to play it here we will discuss how to play the game briefly and hopefully it will be quickly understood, for For more details, you can search from other sources, but here we are bound in general terms so that you don’t mess around with wordy explanations.

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In the black jack casino game the players will compete with a dealer! Yes, a dealer whose job is to distribute cards to the players is the task of the players to compare the cards they have with the cards owned by the dealer and usually the winner is determined by the value of the card he gets, for example if there is a player who has a card value that is close to 21, no more then that player is certain. will win the match, then how to calculate the value of the card here we will explain how.

  1. For values ​​with numbers 2 to 10, the value remains the same as the numbers on the card.
  2. If the jack card you think is 11, here it becomes 10, just like any other card king, queen is considered to have a value of 10
    3.Ace cards in the Balckjacj game have a value of 1 or 11, it’s up to you to use the card as a value of 1 or 11.

After understanding the game here, we will explain the terms in the black jack game so that you don’t get it wrong in the game, so pay attention.

• Hit
The term is where you can add cards if the card you have is still far from 21, if your card is still far from that number you can hit.

• Double down
You can double your previous bet amount if the value of your card is still less than 21 and after double down you cannot make the choice to take another card, you can only stand because all the opportunities have been used.

• Stand
This means that you don’t want to add more cards, usually the player is close to the value 21 on the card so you don’t need to add more cards.

• Split
Is to make the card into 2 parts to do a split you must have the same card when the new dealer deals the card if you don’t want to split then the game will continue as usual.